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Kerstie Hamilton

Provisional Psychologist

Kerstie is a registered provisional psychologist who has experience working with children, disabilities and families including individuals affected by trauma and socio-economic barriers. Kerstie has a passion for helping children, families and individuals with communication and expressive challenges. Her intervention approach is creative with a focus on individualized strength-based expressions.

Kerstie has worked in community and social settings delivering in-depth psychosocial assessments, including assessment, referral and prevention of risk. Kerstie has a nurturing and non-judgmental approach, prioritizing validation of emotion and creating a safe place for expression and vulnerability. She incorporates a range of therapeutic interventions individualized to client strengths and goals. Including art therapy, narrative therapy, trauma-informed care, mindfulness & ACT, CBT & behavioural activation and DBT for emotional regulation.

When Kerstie is not at work, she enjoys art and music while enjoying time with her family outside in the sun by the water.

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength

-Sigmund Freud

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