Behaviour Support

Skill Development

There are unique challenges faced by people with a disability in relation to interpersonal skills.

We recognise the challenges faced by the parents, family members and carers to manage issues relating to social skills, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, regulation of emotions and personal safety. We provide clinical consultations with the individual, family and carers to help teach more effective coping skills and help improve relationships with others.

If you have received funding under Improved Relationships and your NDIS plan does not specifically state that a behaviour support plan is required, then we may be able to provide support for behaviours of concern through clinical consultations with the individual, family and carers. This would involve teaching new replacement behaviours, supporting clients to develop more effective coping skills and help them to improve relationships with others. This may also involve the development of interactional guidelines for support workers to refer to that may be providing your child or family member community supports. We also provide parenting group programs under this funding such as the circle of security or general positive behaviour support. This may be suggested by the clinician, however, we are also open to expressions of interest. Get in touch with us to find out more via the form below or by filling in the downloadable form here.

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